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    Study on Traditional Chinese herb of Motherwort

    Beneficial motherwort, for the labiform family annual or biennial vegetation plants of the whole grass. Based on The Compendium of Materia Medica record "Motherwort slippery and benefit, good fetal birth all the evidence, solid beneficial mother . It is regarded as a good medicine for treating irregular menstruation, fetal leakage and dystocia, postpartum lochia, blood stasis and abdominal pain. It is named for its benefit to women. It is a common medicine for gynecology, especially for postpartum medicine. Known as the holy medicine of gynecology, it has been effective in the treatment of various gynecological diseases for thousands of years.


    1.The content of this product is extracted from Motherwort, the impurity content is low, completely accord with sanitary index.  

    2.Rapid disintegration, rapid absorption, fast dissolution in the stomach, high bioavailability, accurate dose, safe sealing.  

    3.One-time molding, good stability, not easy to absorb moisture, effectively

     avoid the failure of drugs due to decomposition.  

    4.Aluminum foam cover packaging, beautiful appearance, accurate curative effect, safe application, easy to take.  

    Go all out to be the health guard of the Chinese people!
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